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arm pincushion for free

I don´t know if any of you ever got such cheap and useless toys for your kids. In Germany, we have these "Karnevalszüge" each year, the closest thing to this is a mardi gras parade. On our parades they throw sweets, little gifts and small toys for the children.

Such toys keep collecting dust until mom puts them to the waste bin. Not this year! I had a cute and really practical idea hot to give the teddys a second live. They will become pincushions!

There are tons and tons of pincushion ideas out there. But what I never liked on all these ideas was the fact, that you have to buy stuff or sew a pincushion. With the teddy-pincusions the sewing goes down to a minimum!

First you will need to collect some small soft toys. Maybe your kids have got lot of these from everywhere. Often they come as giveaway in stores or events.

I had two small ones from the german mardis gras, and a bigger one in lavender colour from my daughter. She will never recognize I took it, she mooved years ago and left him behind. :-)

For my first idea you will need some stuff, that you will find in everyones sewing box. A broad rubber band (the broader, the better), matching thread, scissors and a needle.

I had some lacy rubber in my stash, so I used this one. You can even reuse old wristbands from an old wristwatch, its up to you if you use what you have.

Next measure the length of the rubber band by putting it around you wrist. I took a double layer because the lace was a bit thin. Cut and sew the band.


Now sew the band to the teddy. I found out it is best to try the best position of the teddy before you sew. My teddy worked best for me by putting his belly toward my arm and in a right angular, so that his nose has some space on my wrist.

My teddy was so pleased with my work that he asked for a walk in my garden. We found a place, where the spring flowers matched the pinheads! Amazing!

After some up and downs he felt a bit queasy, but I told him he has to get used to it!

I translate what he said: "Help! I fall down!"

I hope you enjoyed my little idea. Next time I will show you what I made with the other two bears.

blooming nails

Today is the first weekend this year with a really warm and sunny Saturday. Me and my hubby had to work in the garden, and that made me feel its time for my first summer nails.

I have done hard yarden work before I painted my nails, so my hands kept shaking. Nevertheless the little flowers are ok, maybe with calm hands they would be more delicate.

The green colour was made by China Glaze: "Tree Hugger". That describes me very well, and so I think I will come back to this fresh and friendly green even now and then. It has a decent pearlescent shine, unfortunately the image doesn´t show it.

The blooms are made with a dotting tool, white stamping nail polish and yellow glitter polish from KIKO. I took stamping polish, because it is a bit thicker than nomal polish and covers the green base coat very good. The yellow polish wasn´t that opaque and a bit of green came through where the base wasn´t covered by white polish.

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Spring nails

For this weekend, it had to be green with flowers, like they are actually growing in my spring garden.

After a first colouring attempt with two pearl nail polishes from Kiko I was not very happy how the colour gradient came out. Can anyone see I wanted a gradient from green to yellow? I see almost noting of it.
To rescue my nails I added some swirl nail tattoos, but still the result was lame, like you can see below.

The second try with green was even more frustrating: The quick drying polish dryed way too quick and I ended up with a very uneven coat. Nail stampig made my day, but as always I didn´t manage to stamp without some mistakes.
Looks as if I keep complaining, right? But we make mistakes to bring out our creativity! So I filled the gaps in the stamping with some tiny little blossoms, made with pink and white polish and a dotting tool.

Now that you know how I made my latest spring nails I hope you got a bit of inspiration. Using dotting and stamping tools is no big deal. I learned this from youtube.

Maybe some day I will make small tutorials in german, for nail artist noobs like me. But until I am an artist, and I don´t believe this time will ever come, I won´t do nail art. Right? Hugs, Baerbel

crocheted lighthouse, bottle recycled

What a weird title! Do you have you any suggestions, how I can call this project? I wanted to recycle a plastic juice bottle and make a lighthouse for a dear friend. She collects lighthouses of any shape and size, so this fun project was perfect to make her a gift.

I worked in rounds from bottom to top and added some single crochet rows at the beginning and end of the black top part. That gave the roof more shape and definition.

The buttons have been a lucky find in my local crafts store, and I like the rectangle shape for the lighthouse "lamps". I hope you enjoy my little project a bit.

Carl Carrot

I am sorry to be late with my easter special. I promised to show a fun project I made years ago.

After I had the idea to crochet vegetables, I thought it might be funny to make one that can change its appearance. So I made "Carl Carrot", a veggie fellow who can change his look.

First I show you his birth:

Here you can see Carl when he was two days old:

Then Carl wanted to look like a real german (let me tell you that germans DONT look like this, never ever!):

After his german phase he wanted to try something new, so I made him his french outfit: A crochet bonnett, a red scarf and a very handsome moustache. Doesn´t he look amazing?

While he was changing I made this picture of him. He has no idea I took the photograph, he would hate me for this ;-)

I hope you like Carl. I do.

Birth of an easter decoration

Years ago I suddenly saw a very surprising little thing in my spring garden. A few days before easter, this little carrot made its way into the sunlight. We all know that March or April aren´t the time for carrots to grow, not where I live.

But somehow it must have realized that easter time is coming and all the little easter bunnies need to be fed.  I'll show you the picture I made that day, and next time I will show you some photographs of the carrot when it jumped out off the soil into my easter bag.